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Dr. Casey Griffiths

Source Expert

Dr. Casey Griffiths earned a B.A. in History from Brigham Young University, followed by an M.A. in Religious Education and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Foundations from BYU. Prior to his appointment as a faculty member in the Department of Religious Education at BYU, Brother Griffiths dedicated eleven years to Seminaries and Institutes, fulfilling roles as both an instructor and curriculum developer. He is happily married to Elizabeth Ottley Griffiths, and they make their home in Saratoga Springs with their three charming children.

Courses Taught: REL C 324 and REL C 325 (Doctrine and Covenants); REL C 225 (Fundamentals of the Restoration); REL 200 (The Eternal Family); REL 333 (The Living Prophets).

Areas of Expertise: Dr. Griffiths possesses specialized knowledge in Doctrine and Covenants, LDS educational history, 20th-century LDS Church history, and Global LDS Church History, particularly with a focus on the Pacific region.