What Does the Book of Mormon Say About Polygamy?

Fact Checked by Kevin Prince

In the New World, the Prophet Jacob delivered a speech where he chastised the people for their sexual immorality, specifically their unauthorized practice of polygamy. He taught that God would not tolerate laxious men abusing women. Jacob went on to explain that plural marriage is justifiable only in the rare cases when God commands it, like the case with Joseph Smith Polygamy. The issue of Nephite polygamy can be better understood in the context of ancient Meso American culture, which used polygamy to increase social power. This distortion of the divine organization of families was a real problem condemned by God. The distinction can be seen in Jacob’s condemnation of Biblical figures like David and Solomon, who exploited their many wives and concubines as status symbols. Jacob likely foresaw the wickedness that would come from abusing God’s marriage laws and worked to prevent it. Here we learn that only prophets can reveal the will of the Lord, and God will not be mocked through the distortion of His own commandments. And now you know why. 

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Fact checked by Mr. Kevin Prince, Source Expert

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